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Batch and inline ultra-high shear rotor/stator mixers can effectively disperse nanoparticles into liquid. Advantages include short processing times and volume flexibility, as well as easier maintenance and lower capital cost compared to traditional milling equipment and high pressure homogenizers.

5-30L Lab use hydraulic lifting vacuum emulsifier mixing

The small quantity powders are also sucked by vacuum to avoid dust. Oil hydraulic pump is used to lift the cover of main emulsifying mixer. Safety devices are equipped to guarantee that the mixing part won’t start when the cover is lifted. Basic parameter of lab use vacuum emulsifier 5-30L(taking 10L as example): Model:YX-10L

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Industrial Mixers for Sale. At Phoenix Equipment, we are a global buyer and seller of used, unused, and reconditioned industrial mixers. These industrial mixers are used in the chemical, food, plastic, pharmaceutical, and mineral industries. This piece of equipment can blend or mix a variety of materials through the use of specialized blades.

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Our mixers include: Z Blade, Ribbon, Mixer Extruders, Plough Share Mixers, Double Cone Blenders, Paste Feeders, Homogenisers, Process Vessels and Vacuum Dryers, for use in a wide variety of industries worldwide.

THINKY ARV-501 Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer

About THINKY ARV-501 Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixer. The THINKY ARV-501 is a mid-sized mixer able to homogeneously mix all engineering compounds including silicones, adhesives, conductive pastes, pharmaceuticals and many other materials. It operates using THINKY's industrial non-contact "planetary" mixing technology, and is able to mix, disperse and degas up to 700g of material

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Considering the different types of batch mixer with regard to easy cleaning, horizontal mixers generally, and because of their design and configuration, offer perhaps the best potential for good access into the mixer vessel for either dry or wet cleaning. Vertical mixers can be less favorable than horizontal machines due to the limited access that can be provided, particularly to the lower end

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If your production line requires sanitary, high shear mixing equipment with intense mixing vortex control, superior wetting out of powders, and an easy-to-clean, 3-A compliant design, the patented Rotosolver high shear mixer is the solution.

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Mainca Commercial Sausage Stuffers, Meat Mixers & More for Sale in Canada Nobody likes a sloppy sausage. A perfectly filled casing is key to producing a perfect sausage, that's why High Caliber carries Mainca Stuffers. Mainca has been designing and producing industry-leading products, which have raised the bar of quality and innovation, for over thirty years.

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Our durable industrial mixers are ready to tackle your toughest mixes. Blending materials of differing densities is safe, sanitary, and easy with a Lee industrial mixer. Our versatile solutions span from inclined mixers to multi-mix batch mixers, to the Tri-Mix™ Turbo-Shear™ high-shear mixing system, all of which can meet your industrial

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A sub-micron emulsion, for example, requires high-shear agitation, vacuum and usually a heat-transfer system. The size of the mixer is determined by the throughput required. To guard against batch-to-batch contamination, CIP and SIP capabilities are usually designed in, along with such devices as air-purged seals and custom designed discharge

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Intensive Mixers (Batch/Continuous) Vacuum Mixers ; Drying Systems horizontal cocoa and chocolate mixing equipment provides gentle and effective mixing of cocoa and chocolate powder with other ingredients such as sugar, vitamins, minerals, sodium ascorbate and many others. Our broad range of industrial IQF mixing equipment is well


The BATCH FORMULA® PRO High Shear Mixer without vacuum enables all powder and liquid to be added according to customer's specifications, either manually or by a bin lifter. This one-pot solution also decreases energy use, saves time and optimizes both

Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixers WBH - mixing technology

The WBH Batch-Type Single Shaft Mixer is the ideal machine to obtain highest quality mixtures in perfectly reproducible batches. In the last three decades MAP has supplied thousands of mixers to a large variety of industries worldwide. Mixing tests for

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Dual Shaft Mixer are mixers that will disperse pastes far too heavy for single shaft Speed Dispersers in excess of 300,000 centipoises. This dual mixer is a two machine in one combining the dispersing action of a high speed shaft and an anchor impeller for heavy duty operation.Bharat Process Equipment (BPE) offers a wide range of capacities from 0.5HP to 100HP in all material grades.

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Industrial Mixers / Blenders Food Processing Equipment Chemical Processing Equipment Powder Mixing Machines. Vertical and Inclined High Intensity Mixers Horizontal Mixers. Fluidizing Blenders Ribbon Blenders Paddle Blenders. Disk Pelletizers

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